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How to take a break from your iphone

Put Down The Phone And No One Gets Hurt: Tips For Tuning Out

How to take a break from your iphone

Put downthe phone and no one gets hurt”. Taking some time away from your smart phone may seem like a death sentence to boredom, but it’s actually really refreshing and recharging to tune out.
I’ve been implementing what I’ve dubbed “Saturdays sans social media” here and there, and I’ve really found that it’s helped me to get back out and participate in my own life. 

How to take a break from your iphone

Typically when I visit my family or I’m on vacation I’m actually much better at tuning out, but there’s something about being in the city that I equate with having to be working and/or being involved.  So the first weekend that I decided to “tune out for the day” I really underestimated how difficult it was to not check my phone by accident. I found myself looking for my phone and then remembering that it was plugged into the charger, and that I was not touching it. Of course I had to leave the house and eliminate all temptation (that’s what all addicts do right?). When the 24 hours had passed I felt like I really didn’t care as much about what was going on, and it certainly lessened my checking in the days that followed. 

After a few of my Saturday Sans Social Medias had passed and I felt so great about them; I decided to implement some other everyday changes. I altered my settings so that there are no notifications displayed on my lock screen. I’ve even gone so far as to remove my text messaging from popping up too. I figure if I don’t see it, it’s not happening, and I’m not missing anything (FYI my phone is on, so if there’s an emergency someone can still call me). 

A lot of times when I’m “tuning out” from phone I like to attend hot yoga or a dance class. Since phones are not allowed in either instance and my total focus is required; it’s a great way to ditch my phone at the door, and all the concerns that go with it. Removing myself from my phone helps me to pay attention to the world around me, and be more mindful of what happening right now. Without my phone I can effectively take it all in and commit it to memory rather than a photo to be forgotten under some subtle sepia filter. Taking the time away from my phone allows me to tune out from what everyone else is doing, and focus on what I’m doing. I feel like not constantly checking Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allows me to be more a more original person because I’m doing what I want to do and not what I think I should be doing.  Social media obviously has its place and I love it for all that it is, but I also think its important to take a break to recharge and re-center yourself, and I can think of nothing better than a great dance or hot yoga class to do just that. 

*This post was sponsored by Trident, but all opinions expresses are my own.

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