puzzle me this

Puzzle lights.

I’m sure you’ve seen them. I have always loved the look of these and they seem to be popping up everywhere.

This one is now in my living room.

The size (XL) is great and the lights it casts is beautiful, soft and warm. I put a low wattage bulb in it because that’s the kind of light I was looking for but if you need brighter, it’s easy to swap out the bulb without sacrificing on the overall look and feel.

You can also choose between a mat or a gloss finish. Mine is mat…in my opinion, it looks way less “plastic-y” and much more like frosted glass. In fact, I bet you wouldn’t know the difference in less you touched it.

Here’s the best part. I bought it locally for $19.99. Yup. That’s 20 bucks.

And, I’m going to share the secret…you can get these in pretty much any shape, color, size, and design at the Mesh Barn.

Where on earth is the Mesh Barn, you may ask?

Well…it’s a little shop that’s hidden away in the Bedford Place Mall. Located right next to the old Zellers, I think it won’t be a secret for much longer…as soon as Target opens in that location, people are going to eventually notice it.

It sells pretty much what you would expect…fabric mesh (think weddings, parties, dance costumes…etc).

What you don’t expect is the giant selection of puzzle lights. The window display will draw you in. The bright bold colors will assault your senses (in a good way), and watching the owner put these puzzle lights together at the little workshop desk in the center of the store will amaze you. I think she’s put together more than a few since they started stocking them…!

Don’t hesitate. Buy one. Or two. Three bunched together would be awesome. Sophisticated and chic or colorful and playful…you decide.

I’m thinking one XXL would be the perfect size for the light in the stairwell…one would also look fantastic sitting on the floor of the living room with an uplight in it…ooooh…maybe one as a centre piece in the middle of my large old dining room table, with the cord hidden….

Check ’em out and scoop ’em up. You’ll love them!

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