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There are two very special things that my family values: Reading and Music. Reading has always held a special place in my heart and although my husband probably doesn’t want to join book clubs or watch book awards being handed out on television, he reads even more than I do.  Now that we have children, we dream about passing on this love for the written word to them.

As for music, we knew Cameron could keep a beat from the moment I could feel him moving in my belly. Any time music would surround our shared body, this little unknown baby inside of me would start bopping in time. Seriously. He womb danced. Dan and I weren’t surprised at all when Cameron reacted positively to music right from his first days and he now he dances daily.

I know many parents want to introduce their children to reading and music. Reading to babies and toddlers helps brain development. Singing and reading to babies encourages a closeness that creates physical and emotional bonds. Story telling and nursery rhymes and music incorporated throughout the day can be a great source of calm and entertainment for young children while promoting language development.¹

Cameron Reading

Some of the best books in our house are ones that are musical. There are times when we read before bed that we break out in song and dance together. These are memories we will have forever.

I have recently come across a beautiful book called W is for Wapiti! An Alphabet Songbook published by The Secret Mountain. The book is filled with brand new rhymes associated with each letter of the alphabet, set against stunning illustrations. Nestled in the back of the book is an music CD that sets the book to music.

W is for Wapiti

This book has everything going for it. It teaches younger children the alphabet while introducing new and challenging words to older readers. The illustrations are enticing to both children and adults and the music brings the words on the page to life. We currently have the CD waiting for us in our van’s audio system so that we can listen to it while driving.

We are getting to that time of year when we can’t help but think about Christmas a little bit, so I am hereby placing W is for Wapiti! An Alphabet Songbook as item number one on my Mommy’s Gift Giving Guide. In my opinion, a child should receive a book for every special occasion, and this songbook would add flavour to any collection.

To make gift giving a little easier, The Secret Mountain and I are giving away one copy of W is for Wapiti! An Alphabet Songbook. Enter below, especially if you have a child on your gift-giving list this season.

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¹Source: Read to Me!

The Small Print: The Secret Mountain provided me with this story book and a couple others in their collection for the purposes of a review but the opinions above are entirely my own. This really is a beautiful book with lovely accompanying music!

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/MommysMiracle/~3/tVXCy4KdDYU/r-is-for-rambunctious.html

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