Rabbit Rillette

This blog post is incredibly late – I forgot about this one, but wanted to share it with you anyway because of the fact that it’s about one of the best products at the Halifax Farmer’s Market. On this particular occasion, I went to a friends house for some snacks before going out on the town. We all brought contributions, and mine included a jar of Rabbit Rillette from Ratinaud -a company created by a sous chef at Bish, Frederic
It’s incredible that a product so rich, meaty and luscious could come from a jar, and contain so few ingredients. The Rillett is comprised of rabbit, duck fat, pork fat, thyme, garlic and. So…I suppose it’s not really an everyday food – moreso of a special occasion one- but certainly not one to be missed.

Ratinaud has a line of various pates, etc. but the Rillette is by far my favorite; it’s meaty, luscious and creamy with just the slightest whisper of salt- making it a wonderful pairing with a thick-cut tangy sourdough loaf or baguette.
Of course, I couldn’t justify us having a gourmet snack without providing one to the pooch. After all, his owner and I have some pretty picky palates, so one would imagine he does too! I treated Chowder to three dog biscuits from Katie’s Farm Organic Bakery, Canada’s first Certified Organic Pet Bakery!

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