Rain Snow

We were walloped with a big storm last night but got off easy. The eastern United States got about 20 inches of snow! Here in Halifax it started as snow but soon turned to rain, the northern areas of Nova Scotia have snow and there have been some power outages but we were very lucky here. Messy but not impossible. Just really wet and slushy.

I am in recovery mode. Too much food. Too much food. Too much food. Not enough exercise.
I’m exhausted from lying around the last two days! Time to get some lists going. Action plans for body, soul, house and biz. I love my lists. Makes me feel like I am doing SOMETHING even if I am still just sitting:)

Also, I am running my wee photo romp again. Starts January 14th you can read about it HERE or click the pic.

Man found face down on Portland Street last night

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