Rainy Day Oats

Woke up to a very rainy, slushy, gross day.  Perfect for oats.


This morning’s combo was PB & J topped w/ sliced bananas, almonds & coconut.

It was one of the best bowls of oats that I’ve had in awhile, mainly because of this yummy peanut butter packet – Justin’s Organic Honey PB Blend. Mmm mmm! 

Served with large amounts of coffee.

As you can see,  it was not nice out at all.  This pic was taken earlier in the day.  It’s actually snowed since then and it’s sticking to the ground. BOO 🙁

This location was very enticing and where I spent the majority of my day:

What can I say, I haven’t been a very good runner or weight watcher lately.  But I have been a great tv watcher and am all caught up on Days, Gossip Girl & Parenthood.  ;)  Exhaustion coupled with the bad weather made it so easy to blow off everything and to be honest I only half care.  I do have to stop being lazy at some point soon though as the Bluenose is only 5 weeks away.

PS.  In case you missed yesterday’s post – we got our new flooring installed and it looks awesome!  And, I also made some delicious chicken tortilla soup.

Spring wonderland

Clearwater Beach – Day 6 (Saturday)