Raising Hope: It’s Not About The Benajmins

Last night’s episode of Raising Hope probably wasn’t my favorite of all time, but sitcoms can be very hit and miss. In “Sabrina Has Money”, I liked that Jimmy was able to offer up sage advice to Sabrina for once, but the stuff with Burt, Virginia and their fancy new toilet was, well, kind of crap.

I don’t like doing full reviews of Raising Hope, but here are my five favorite things from the episode:

  1. Jimmy trying to hold in the knowledge that Sabrina comes from a rich family. You knew he wouldn’t be able to keep that one in his back pocket for long. He blurted it out as soon as they had to refund the sausage on their pizza to be able to pay for it. 
  2. Sabrina’s dad. He was pretty hilarious. That’s all. 
  3. Sabrina’s insecure. Jimmy might have felt a little in over his head at the rich people party Sabrina took him to, but everyone was pleasant enough to him. The rude one was Sabrina, who had a jab to make about every piece of small talk. As Jimmy pointed out, she just needed to stop feeling insecure. I really like the friendship that’s developed between these two – instead of being shocked and appalled at Sabrina’s behavior, Jimmy dropped a much needed truth bomb on her and helped her overcome her insecurities. 
  4. The Velcro wall. Enough said.
  5. Sabrina’s sister doesn’t let her daughter watch TV, but has the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba drop by once in a while. 

I guess what really threw me off about this episode was that it came too close to changing who Sabrina is as a character. Her friendship with Jimmy is in tact and that rescued it, but I preferred to think of her as a snarky, smart middle class girl. (Hmm, perhaps because that sounds a tad familiar? I even worked in a grocery store during college.) The poor little rich girl thing wasn’t a very good color on her, even though they did their best to make it work.

Oh well, every show has a weak episode now and then – I still dig Raising Hope. Now give me some more scenes with Jimmy and Sabrina at the grocery store!

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