Raising Hope: Nature vs. Nurture

Raising Hope returned last night, and that means once again I get to share my Five Favorite Things about Raising HopeSo let’s get right to it.

  1. Last night’s episode felt like the show was getting back to its season one roots, what with the full opening credits and the recollection that Hope’s mama, Lucy, is a serial killer. I should have guessed that at some point everyone would start to worry that adorable baby Hope had inherited her mother’s tendency towards violence, and the news that Hope had been hitting kids at day care sparked that conversation. I loved Sabrina’s supportive reaction to hearing that Hope had been hitting other kids, and Virgina’s insistence that even serial killers are babies at some point: “And remember Son of Sam? At one point, Sam was going around saying, ‘This is my brand new baby!'” I also loved how everyone kept referencing the Giraldo special that had detailed all of Lucy’s crimes.
  2. Jimmy’s strongest character trait is his love for Hope, so it was nice to see that instead of completely turning on Hope he tried to figure out what the family could do to prevent her from becoming evil. That meant forcing everyone to stop fighting in front of her…until he found out that in fact Lucy’s parents had never fought in front of her, and wouldn’t allow Lucy to fight. 
  3. They got some great jokes out of the family having to live outside while their house was tented thanks to a nasty case of termites. My favorite was how Burt set up all the furniture just how it was inside so that Maw-Maw wouldn’t get lost.
  4. Speaking of Maw-Maw, she was great this week, eating magnets and chasing “slippers”.
  5. I think my favorite part of the episode was Jimmy’s dream sequence about Hope possibly being a serial killer. The best was seeing Burt’s head turned into a Jack-in-the-Box.

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