Random pictures from yesterday

The day started like this….FOG.
You cannot even see George’s Island from the market. It was a busy morning there, like most Saturdays. My daughter arrived in the afternoon and I was able to dash off to the Paragon Club to go to a WagJag block party. Don’t you love the graffiti here.

I had fun for a brief half hour, met some pals, ate some great food and heard some great music and then it was a dash back to the market.

The sun came out!

Arrived back at the market and wrapped up with a vendors meeting. I loved the way the light streamed in the windows.

and then……a cruise ship happened to pass by! Wow, the things you see. I’m back there this morning!

Source: http://aliceinparislovesartandtea.blogspot.com/2011/05/random-pictures-from-yesterday.html

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