RCMP​ asks motorists to drive for today’s winter weather conditions

Given today’s wintery conditions, Nova Scotia RCMP are reminding motorists to drive for the weather.

Winter conditions can challenge even the best drivers, so it’s important for all motorists to prepare for the roads ahead and drive cautiously.

Plan ahead. Check weather and road conditions before heading out and adjust your expected arrival time accordingly. You can find information on road conditions at the Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal website.

Slow down. Roads are unpredictable when they’re slippery and it is best to drive at a slower speed than you would normally.

Keep your distance. It takes longer to stop on a slippery road. Look ahead and keep plenty of distance between you and other vehicles.

Take your time. 
Accelerate and stop gradually to maintain traction and avoid spinning your wheels.

Stay focused. Focusing on the road ahead positions drivers to respond to the unexpected challenges that winter weather presents.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Help protect yourself and others by driving for the weather conditions.


Source : Media Release

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