RCMP Advise Public of Telephone Scam



June 24, 2011, Halifax, NS…The RCMP would like to advise the public of a telephone scam currently taking place in Nova Scotia.
As part of the scam, representatives claiming to be from well known computer software brands are cold calling individuals offering computer repair services for slow or infected computers.  The proposed repair services are provided by either installing software online or granting the company representative remote access to the computer.  Payment for the software or repair service is then handled via credit card.
Another variation of the scam also involves consumers responding to Scareware pop-up ads online offering anti-virus software.  
The RCMP would like to advise people to protect themselves from fraudulent scams.  Allowing a third party to download software or remote access your computer carries inherent risk.  Malicious software can be downloaded or sensitive data could be captured, such as bank or identity information.
Telefraud is an international problem and can originate from or happen in any country. Though not all telemarketers are deceptive,  it is important to establish the credibility of the company you are dealing with before sending money or agreeing to supply any information. 
See below for tips on how to detect and avoid telephone fraud:
• DO NOT believe that everyone calling with an exciting promotion or investment opportunity is trustworthy, especially if you do not know the caller or their company.
• DO NOT invest or purchase a product or service without carefully checking out the investment, product, service, and the company. 
• DO NOT be afraid to request further documentation from the caller so you can verify the validity of the company. 
• DO NOT be fooled by the promise of a valuable prize in return for a low cost purchase. 
• DO NOT be pressured to send money to take advantage of a "special offer or deal." 
• DO NOT be hurried into sending money to claim a prize that is available for only a "few hours" 
• DO NOT disclose information about your finances, bank accounts or credit cards ( not even the credit card expiry date). 
• DO NOT be afraid to hang-up the phone. 
• DO contact the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre if you are contacted by someone who promises you great prizes, but you are required to send money in advance for shipping, handling, taxes, etc. 
• DO contact the Canadian Anti fraud-Centre if you are contacted by someone who says that you have won a prize, but you have to purchase a product to qualify.
If you receive such calls or other similar suspected fraud telephone calls, please call your local Police or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or visit online www.antifraudcentre.ca ( http://www.antifraudcentre.ca/ ).
Fraud – recognize it, report it, stop it.

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