RCMP Ask Motorists to Pay Attention

RCMP Traffic Services recently dropped the breakout single, “Cop Light Bling”, but this month they are going to sound more like a broken record when it comes to reminding motorists of how to stay safe on the streets. Throughout May, Nova Scotia RCMP will profile the four main factors that injure or kill motorists in Nova Scotia.

Driving responsibly is old hat to many motorists. However, impaired driving, not wearing seatbelts, driving above the speed limit and not paying attention to the road continue to lead as causes of injury and death on the road. In an effort to curb these behaviours, RCMP will focus enforcement on those four factors during May.

“Motorists and passengers become complacent and develop bad habits that often become second nature,” says Nova Scotia RCMP Traffic Services’ Cst. Mark Skinner. “If you typically don’t wear your seatbelt, text while driving, think speeding is okay or think nothing of getting behind the wheel impaired, then you need to rethink your driving behaviour and make changes.”

The RCMP asks Nova Scotians to consider the following driving behaviour questions:

– Are you risking your life?

– Are you risking the lives of your passengers?

– Are you risking the lives of other motorists?

– Are you risking the lives of pedestrians?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you need to challenge yourself to be a more responsible driver.

Canada Road Safety Week runs from May 17-23 and RCMP will be conducting checkpoints throughout Nova Scotia. As part of this week, the RCMP will be reminding people about the importance of wearing seatbelts, driving the speed limit and not driving while impaired or distracted. Check out the Nova Scotia RCMP Twitter feed (@RCMPNS) and Facebook page (Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia) throughout the month of May to see what we have in store.

Source: Media Release


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