RCMP remind public to be diligent at railway crossings

RCMP Traffic Services would like to remind motorists, pedestrians and cyclists that it is illegal to walk, run, cycle or operate all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) on railway tracks.

The only place you may cross a railway track is at an authorized railway crossing. Whenever you must cross a railway crossing, follow these safety tips:

– Look both ways and listen for warning whistles before crossing.

– Never try to beat an approaching train; this includes going around, under or through a railway gate while it is down or being lowered.

– Never stop on a track.

– Make sure you can cross the track completely before you start.

– Do not shift gears on a railway crossing. Shift down to a lower gear before crossing and change gears only after crossing the tracks.

– If you’re a pedestrian, avoid stepping onto the rail while crossing as it can be slippery. When cycling, always cross the tracks on a 90 degree angle to the rails.

“If your vehicle stalls at a crossing, immediately get everyone out of the vehicle and move quickly to a safe location at least 30 meters away in the direction of the approaching train. When the train impacts the vehicle, you will be in a safer area. Then notify the police or railway company right away,” says Sgt. Brian Herrick of RCMP Traffic Services. “It’s important to remember that a passenger train traveling at 120 km/h requires about 1.6 kilometres to stop”.

Please do your part to keep Nova Scotia roadways safe.


Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/rcmp-remind-public-to-be-diligent-at-railway-crossings

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