RCMP reminding ATV Rally attendees to make safety a priority and ride safe

RCMP is reminding ATV riders in Lake Charlotte ATV Rally to make safety a priority and ride safe.

On Saturday, February 3, hundreds of ATV riders and enthusiasts will descend upon the Lake Charlotte area for the 24th annual Lake Charlotte ATV Rally. Halifax District RCMP is asking participants to keep road and trail safety at top of mind when taking in the festivities.

RCMP reminds ATV enthusiasts of a few simple tips to make every ride an enjoyable one;

– Whether you’re riding or driving, be aware of the traffic around you. Ensure other motorists and riders see you and know what you are doing.

– Obey the rules of the road and trail and respect posted signs, as well as the rights of other drivers and riders.

– Ride sober. Drinking and operating any vehicle do not mix. Don’t drink and drive and don’t tolerate others who do.

– Check points will be completed and a reminder to all participants that all ATV’s have to be registered and insured.

– Always be alert. You don’t always know what is coming at you; be ready to react to any situation you may encounter.

– This winter has been a warm one, please stay on the trail and do not cross the ice.

– Ride at a reasonable rate of speed. Know your riding partner’s driving limitations, as well as your own, and operate only at a speed that allows you to remain in total control of your vehicle.

– Avoid rider distractions. Know where you are going before you arrive or pull off the road to a safe spot to consult a map or GPS.

– Always wear protective clothing, including a helmet, gloves and eye protection. Wear layers of clothing to keep warm and dry.

– Exercise patience when driving in and around congested areas. The warm up shack and stopping points will be quite busy.

– Give yourself lots of extra time to get to where you are going.

– When parking your ATV’s and vehicles, please keep valuables out of sight.

Two RCMP Officers from the Musquodoboit Harbour Detachment will be riding the trails during the rally and will be ensuring safety of all participants which includes enforcing all applicable laws.

The RCMP wishes everyone a fun and safe weekend! 


Source: Media Release

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