RCMP Scam Alert: find out about the latest online scam

An online scam has been reported to the RCMP three times in 30 minutes in Annapolis County today. The RCMP wants citizens to be aware of the scam, delete the message, and ensure passwords are up-to-date and secure.

The scam plays out like this: the suspect threatens the recipient of the email by stating they have proof the recipient has been on a pornographic website. The suspect then says they have created videos to show the pornographic site the recipient was on and that they have video of them watching it.

The suspect reveals they have obtained all of the recipient’s contacts from their social media accounts, and threatens to release the video to the contacts if the recipient doesn’t pay $7000. Payment is requested through Bitcoin, and is demanded within one day. The email address of the suspect is namirandack@outlook.com.

Annapolis District RCMP is investigating the matter. Police are recommending that anyone with concerns should contact the them at 902-665-4481, or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at https://bit.ly/1S7XGRH.


Source : Media Release

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