Read Your Way Around the World – Historical Italy

Read Your Way Around the World invites you to historical Italy highlighting novels that span from the middle ages to World War II and focus on love, war, deceit and danger, featuring the likes of Machiavelli, da Vinci and the Borgias.

Behold a Pale Horse (M)
by Peter Tremayne

In the seaport of Genua, Sister Fidelma finds her old teacher Brother Ruadon dying in an abbey. In 664 conflict divides Christians, and pagan gods are still being worshipped. Sister Fidelma’s dying teacher’s last words lead her to murder and danger.

Bianca (M)
by Bertrice Small

Silk merchant Giovanni d’Angela of Florence finds that his marriage plans for his daughters are ruined when his son brings disgrace to the family. To save their reputation he marries his eldest daughter to a cruel man two decades her senior. She and her mother escape and she falls in love with a Turkish prince in true Bertrice Small fashion.

And on a totally different note is

A Farewell to Arms (M
by Ernest Hemingway

A tragic wartime romance set in World War I which involves an ambulance driver and an English nurse. Lieutenant Henry and Catherine Barkley meet in Italy and are faced with how tenuous love affairs can be in the face of war.

The King’s Agent (M)
by Donna Russo-Morin

Batista della Palla is the royal art dealer for the King of France. He is ordered to get a hold of an ancient Greek relic which is said to possess the power to make the King of France victorious over Charles of Spain. In the midst of his quest Batista meets Aurelia, an adventuresome noble woman, whose secrets might jeopardize his mission

The Malice of Fortune (M)
by Michael Ennis

Based loosely on a real historical mystery set in the age of the Borgias. In 16th century Italy, Niccolo Machiavelli, the future author of The Prince, and Leonardo da Vinci team up to solve a series of murders. This detailed and carefully researched historical thriller brings this exciting era to life.

The Golden Hour (M
by Margaret Wurtele 

A love story set in Italy in 1943 during World War II. Teenaged Giovanna is at first drawn to the Nazi officers, but later finds herself working with her brother to aid the resistance. As she is drawn in more deeply she helps to hide a young Jewish fighter. Giovanna discovers love as she matures and breaks away from her family.

The Detour (M
by Andromeda Romano-Lax

Ernest Vogler is tasked with collecting a Roman marble statue, the Discus Thrower, and delivering it to the Gestapo. His Italian helpers are less concerned with his deadline and detour the group to visit one of the member’s fiance. This decision ultimately leads to tragedy and potentially fatal consequences for all involved.

The Book of Madness and Cures (M)
by Regina O’Melveny

Gabriella Mondini, in 16th century Venice, lost the right to practice medicine when her physician father disappeared. Only allowed to practice medicine under his supervision, she must journey throughout Europe to track him down.

Collision on Highway 102

2013 Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction