Reader Pick – Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell

One of our readers, Dean, really enjoyed Murder as a Fine Art (M) by David Morrell and shared his thoughts with us:

In December 1854, London is shocked by a series of murders which mimic and “improve” upon those committed 43 years earlier.
Detective Constable Ryan of Scotland Yard, with the assistance of Constable Becker, must capture the madman responsible before panic grips the whole country.

The characters are adequately well-developed to make you care, but with enough left unsaid to leave you hoping for a series of stories to get to know them better. The action is compressed into a few days and keeps the tension high throughout. Murder, mayhem, riots and interesting historical tidbits round out an enjoyable read.
Booklist was also impressed:

Murder as a Fine Art is a masterpiece – I don’t use that word lightly-a fantastic historical thriller, beautifully written, intricately plotted, and populated with unforgettable characters. It brilliantly re-creates the London of gaslit streets, fogs, hansom cabs, and Scotland Yard. – If you liked The Alienist (M), you will absolutely love this book. I was spellbound from the first page to last.”

Fans of nineteenth century mysteries by authors like Alex Grecian (M),  C.S. Harris (M) and Carol McCleary (M) will likely enjoy.

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