The Bachelorette – Viva Barcelona

977683_10151958591842846_1434991468_oThis week, Desiree and the remaining eight guys were in Barcelona, Spain. This season has been pretty dull, despite more “villainous” characters than usual. How many guys have been sent home just for being jerks now? It feels like several.

The problem with the season is, it doesn’t seem like Des has a really strong connection yet with anyone. These episodes have mostly consisted of bickering amongst the guys, and awkward conversations.

Date #1 – Drew

Drew scored the first date in Barcelona, and he got to wander around the streets with Des. I so much prefer these dates to anything that involves a gimmick like heights or something. You’re in Spain! Who wouldn’t want to stroll around drinking hot chocolate?

During his date, Drew told Des that his dad is a recovering alcoholic whose life purpose has become helping others through AA, and he has cancer. Wow. That’s a lot. The conversation felt more like one between friends, and all of their kisses during the date looked kind of awkward. Drew is head over heels in love with Des, but it feels totally one-sided. He has so many emotions!

The kid did better when he pulled Des away in the middle of dinner and basically ran away from the cameras to make out with her. They caught up, of course, but it seemed to give him a bit of confidence.

After Des had given Drew the rose, Drew told her about the infamous conversation he’d overheard. Slick move, waiting until he’d secured the rose before giving Des all the dirt. Drew told Des that James had said he thought if he could make it to the top four, he could become the bachelor and “it would change his whole life”. Who cares about James’ honesty? That comment revealed his stupidity. How many bachelors’ lives have been changed (for the better) by being on the show?

Date #2 – Gooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaal!

The group date was at a soccer football stadium, which was particularly funny since Juan Pablo has played professional soccer. That’s not intimidating for the other guys or anything.

bachelorette soccer


Des came out with a professional women’s team, which was great for revealing who’s a chauvinistic asshole and who’s not. Brooks – who I have liked before – was kind of a jerk. Michael was funnier without being as much of a jerk as he usually seems. Juan Pablo was the best – he knew they’d probably beat him! And of course, the ladies killed the dudes. Of course, it didn’t help that James was the goalie and barely moved. It was like watching a musclebound sloth play soccer.

At the cocktail party, a couple of the guys decided to confront James about what he’d said before Des had spoken to him. Kasey was the other guy who’d overheard the conversation, and everyone fed off one another’s anger. Eventually, Des herself confronted James. I don’t know why she felt so torn about whether to send him home – he didn’t say anything that would have convinced me to keep him around, but I’ve never liked the guy.

Des didn’t give out a rose, and when James came back to the hotel the other guys were furious.

Date #3 – Zak

Zak is the guy who told Des that he almost became a priest, so I was curious to see how his solo date with her would play out.

Zak and Des went to an art studio (a museum? not sure) for their date, and they decided to draw one another. Des produced an average sketch. Zak drew a circus freak in blackface.

By the end of the date, Zak had declared that he was in love with Des. What? Already? Wasn’t this their first date? Come on man, pull it together.


The conversation between Drew and James got so annoying and repetitive, that I almost fast-forwarded through it. These guys get so caught up in each others business! Drew should have just walked away, they were never going to come to a compromise.

Des returned to finish her conversation with James the next day. All the guys were sure that meant she was eliminating James, but I wasn’t so sure. Des was originally set on sending him home, but she allowed herself to be talked out of it. James talked, and talked, and talked. I didn’t believe a word he said. Des decided to believe James and let him stay. The guys were mad, there was more fighting… these people need to get some hobbies.

There was no cocktail party, because Des wanted to think about the James situation on her own. Drew and Zak already had roses. Chris, Brooks and Michael received roses. THREE GUYS were eliminated – Kasey, James and Juan Pablo. Man, how could she eliminate handsome, Spanish Juan Pablo? That was a mistake. I was glad she actually ended up eliminating James though, I was so sure she wouldn’t. And poor Kasey, he ratted out James and went down with him. Snitches get stitches, I guess?

The previews on this show give away so much, that I pretty much don’t have to watch the rest of the season. I won’t say in case you guys don’t like to watch them, but damn… there are a lot of tears coming.

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