Recreational Cannabis Pricing and Initial Supply

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) is pleased to share more details of the plan to offer recreational cannabis to Nova Scotians on Wednesday, October 17.

In terms of pricing, cannabis will follow the same pricing strategy, structure and principles that the NSLC uses to manage all beverage alcohol categories. There will be three categories of cannabis pricing –value, core and premium. Prices listed below include all applicable taxes and will be adjusted as required based on market conditions.


– 1 gram (flower)

– Value: $6.33 – $8.49

– Core: $9.00 – $10.98

– Premium: $10.99 and above


All prices are determined by brand and package size. Price per gram decreases as product package size increases.

Pre-rolls and accessories will also be available at a variety of price points. Seeds and cannabis oil will not
be available on October 17 but will be added to inventory as soon as they are available from cannabis producers.

“We are pleased to offer a safe and secure supply of recreational cannabis to our customers at a variety of price points that we feel are competitive and reasonable,” said Dave DiPersio, NSLC’s Senior VP and Chief Services Officer.

The NSLC issued an Expression of Interest to secure arrangements for product with 14 cannabis suppliers. Previously, the NSLC stated it initially expected to offer approximately 300 products representing 78 strains. Due to a variety of challenges experienced by cannabis licensed producers, it is anticipated the NSLC will have less than 40% of requested quantities on hand on October 17.

The NSLC currently has 97 products representing 52 strains in inventory. Based on estimated sales projections, we expect to have a three-week supply of inventory on hand this week. The supply challenges are being experienced nation wide and are not exclusive to Nova Scotia.

“Our suppliers are working hard to get the product labelled and shipped to us for October 17.

We will process inventory receipts as quickly as possible, so product is available for our customers,” DiPersio

Responsible use messaging will be prominently featured in-store and online encouraging customers to
start low and go slow, to consume cannabis and beverage alcohol separately, to store cannabis securely and to plan ahead to get home safely.

Customers are reminded that cannabis purchases take longer than beverage alcohol purchases, so line- ups are anticipated. Minors are not allowed in the cannabis sections of NSLC stores according to federal law and minors cannot be left unattended in NSLC stores.

Cannabis will be available online and at 12 NSLC stores across the province on October 17.


Source : Media Release

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