Regan relieved closure coming for family of Paula Gallant

Geoff Regan, Member of Parliament for Halifax West, said today he was relieved that closure is finally coming for the family and friends of Paula Gallant.

In December, 2005, Timberlea residents were shocked by the murder of Grade 3 teacher Paula Gallant. Today, Jason MacRae, Gallant’s husband and the father of her daughter Anna, pleaded guilty to the murder of his wife.

“This is a heart breaking story that has had a profound impact on our community,” said Regan. “Paula was a strong, intelligent woman and gifted artist. She was also a loving mother and sister and wife.”

Regan complemented the Halifax Regional Police and RCMP integrated major crime unit for bringing this case to a close.

“For four and half years the Halifax Police and RCMP integrated major crime unit stuck with the case.”

Regan also credited the determination of the community, and especially Gallant’s sisters Lynn Gallant-Blackburn and Lana Kenny, to find Paula’s killer and see justice served.

“Ms. Gallant-Blackburn and Ms. Kenny kept Paula’s case before the public with car magnets and the annual Walk of Hope in Paula’s memory. They have been incredible advocates, not only for their sister, but for all women who have been victims of violence,” Regan said.

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