reno chronicles #10

Dear Santa,

I’m sure you are a very busy man, so I’ll get right to it….

All I want for Christmas is a building permit from HRM.

I’ve been a good girl this year. A very good girl.

I didn’t fuss when my first permit application was rejected. I didn’t get impatient when I was told I had to apply for a variance. I didn’t even yell when I had to pay another $500 to do this.

I didn’t get frustrated when I was told the timeline was another two weeks. And I didn’t even say anything bad when it’s turned out to be more than 2 ½ months.

I haven’t spend any of my hard-earned savings on frivilous shopping (although the temptations have been great).

I have always been nice to my neighbours and I continue to do so now that they have 10 days to raise any objections to my little renovation project. I am really appreciative of my wonderful contractor who is patiently waiting to hear if/when this job might start. And I have great conversations with my mortgage broker every week as she is still waiting on the final word from me to get my re-finance all set up…

I don’t believe I’m being greedy to want to add 125 square feet on to my little house. Especially because ½ of that is to replace a part that is literally rotting off already.

If you don’t mind, it’s getting sort of chilly where the cold seeps /blows through this part of the house, and I’d really like to get moving before everything is frozen solid.

If you can see to it to fill my neighbours hearts, and those in both the variance and permit offices, with a little extra love this holiday season, I’d be forever grateful.

I promise to be a good girl next year too. And maybe even the year after that.

(And I’ll put a little extra something in your milk, so please stop by…. )

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