reno chronicles #16

An exciting week here at the little reno site. The hole was dug, the footings were poured and the first inspection was passed.

All of that in a week that had only one nice day and lots of pouring rain. Luckily, wonderful contractor had the foresight to rig up a giant tarp over the work site.

Fun facts from this week…there were a bunch of old, still intact medicine bottles discovered in excavation, sometimes it takes a whole day for an inspector to show up, a blue trap can filter the light through your windows so you feel like you are inside a pool (or in a blue-light club!), and any kind of activity like this brings out neighbours, random people and the nosey alike to ask questions, check out what’s happening, and to chat.

This week…foundation, back-filling and some framing. Should be exciting!!

See you next week.

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