reno chronicles #17

Mother Nature was not a friend of the renovation this week.

And come to think of it, not last week either, but I was trying to cut her some slack. It is Mother’s Day, after all.

Regardless, wonderful contractor hustled it as best he could under the big blue tarp and progress was made…concrete forms and more concrete poured for the foundation.

Waiting for the concrete to dry and for a break in the weather to backfill, the plumber was here checking things out to plan his part in the job, and another inspection was passed.

Finally, bright and early on Friday morning, the big blue tarp was pulled down and the excavator boys were back to take care of the backfilling.

Seems a bit anticlimactic, but I now have a solid foundation. And I even got my parking spot back for the weekend, so that is exciting.

In the meantime, I’ve done some more research and am fairly certain that I’ve finally decided on flooring for the room.

And yesterday, I found a great old door at Renovators Resource that will go between the kitchen and the new addition. Just wait until it’s a perfect fit, has some vintage hardware and a couple of coats of paint! This week…a hole in the original foundation to run plumbing, more concrete for the floor and lots of other good stuff…

Now, Mother Nature…you know you are the mother of all mothers. And I love you and appreciate you each and every day. If it’s not too much to ask, I would greatly appreciate a little more lovin’ from you this week…please?

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