reno chronicles #20

So…here’s what’s been happening at the reno…

Wonderful contractor put in the awesome windows and the door right away to help avoid another incident like last week. He even put a temporary deadbolt in until I could pick up the hardware I wanted for the door.

That became a priority and I swung over the Armitage Hardware on Stanley Street at lunch time. Not sure they knew what to make of me there…it’s really a commercial shop…don’t think they get too many gals in there. Must have been the sparkly belt and pink shoes that threw them.

Electrical was put in this week as well. That’s where you really need to put some thought into the details…not just washer, dryer and heater needs but details like two-way light switches conveniently located so you never have to walk through a dark room and the location of both interior and exterior light fixtures and basic outlets for other purposes.

Don’t forget an outside outlet is very handy for vacuuming the car and/or whipper- snipping the grass. An outside outlet on the second floor deck is necessary for plugging in lovely little white lights, too.

On Friday, the roof was put on. After a little back and forth with the neighbor, wonderful contractor, and a building inspector/”independent party”, the roof on the addition is now nicely snugged up and sealed to the neighbors roof (remember it’s a semi-detached house).

This is best for both houses as now, no water will run down in between my new addition and the neighbours old one, preventing future water damage to both.

I also approved the great deck design wonderful contractor came up with, so we’re all decided on what that’s going to look like and ready to go on that front when the time comes.
Finally, my floor was delivered…and was a huge disappointment. It didn’t look half as nice as I expected it to based on the photos and the description on-line. Not happy with it at all. Luckily, I could return it locally — no hassle, no fuss — and am continuing on the search for flooring. Waiting on some price quotes from Floors Plus (Bayer’s Lake) for two different options I looked at yesterday.

That’s about it from the reno this week….see you next week!

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