reno chronicles #24

Things are really coming together now!

This week the outside lights were installed, the inside light was installed, the flooring was installed, all the trim was made and installed, and the wall and the doorway were opened up.

Special thanks to wonderful contractor for all the “extras” this week. You rock.

Yesterday and today, my free labour (a.k.a: mom and dad) were put to work painting…as of right now, the walls have two coats and the trim has one.

Phew…that’s a lot of work, but also very exciting. Nothing changes the look of a room like a can of paint!

I bought a new washer and dryer on Friday and can’t wait for it to be delivered on Thursday night…it’s been far too long since I did laundry (yikes).

Next week, the deck will be built…horray! And I think we’ll even reach the finish line by the end of the week.
To that end, I’m going to save the great reveal of the finished room until it’s completely done and picture perfect…that will include the repurposing of some furniture, another lamp makeover and lots more.

Tune in next week for a peek at the deck.

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