reno chronicles #7


Got the sketches for my renovation yesterday. So exciting. I can’t stop looking at them and mulling it all over.

I am definitely a visual person. It’s so much easier now for me to “picture” the recommendations, because….well, because I can see a picture of it. In my head, I was close to picturing what we had been talking over…but now I can see exactly what wonderful contractor is recommending. There is no room left for interpretation.

I am also a process thinker, so I’m taking all the time I need to consider each element and decide if it is something I like or not, if there is anything I would like to add or delete, if there is anything I’d like to change or reconsider.

And, of course there is!

Important to remember that it’s the natural next step in the process. And a critical one, in my opinion. These drawings are the jumping off point for the next steps…real drawings that need to be submitted for building permits. Real drawings that are used to determine the cost of the project. Real drawings that form the basis of the agreement between me (the client) and the contractor.

So, it’s hugely important not to be shy at this stage if you want to ensure you are going to get exactly what you expect at the end of all this.

I’m going to follow my own advice on this one…think about each element carefully and consider actually living with each element, ask every question that pops into my head, draw all over the sketches and make notes. Another very good sign that wonderful contractor is encouraging me to do exactly that.

All of this, so that when I meet with him next, we can talk it all out…and revise accordingly until I’m happy, we’re agreed, and ready to move forward.

I’ll keep you posted….

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