One Expensive Waffle


I am always honest with you.  It’s just the way it is.

Like most bloggers these days, CSN Stores gave me the opportunity to review an item by providing me with a $40 credit.  I was excited, there were so many things to choose from! Then I started adding items to my cart to see what the shipping etc, would be.

I ended up going with a Waffle Maker.

Here’s the price break down:

Waffle Maker






International Fees




* US funds.

Turns out that on a very basic item, over 68% of my credit would go to shipping/international fees alone.  🙁 To get a $22 waffle maker to me, would cost over $27 in other fees.  I was pretty shocked and disappointed. I’ve bought many items from the States over the years and never had this experience. I understand taxes, duties, brokerage & shipping.  But for them to cost more than the product itself really irritated me.

Yeah, guess this is the one time it sucks to be Canadian. <—Never thought I’d say that.

I also had a few small issues:

1.  When I went through the checkout, my $40 credit would only apply against the item and shipping costs. ($29.94) so I had to call Customer Service and see what the problem was.  At first I as told that my credit couldn’t be applied against international fees, which I politely said was silly, a credit was a credit.  Luckily, I had a really nice lady named Michelle, who was able to help me out and get the credit applied properly.  Thanks Michelle! After all was said and done, my Visa was charged $9.73 CAD.

To be fair, I did some price comparison on and it would’ve worked out to roughly the same as CSN Stores. Although on Amazon, the product is about $7 more.

2.  When I originally placed my ordered on 08/02/2010, my confirmation said the waffle maker was going to ship on 08/05/2010 and be delivered no later than 08/24/2010. Great! Then on 08/05/2010 I got an email saying my shipment was being delayed and the expected ship date was now 08/10/2010. Then another email on 08/11/2010 with a new shipping date of 08/16/2010. On 08/17/210 I got an email that basically said they were contacting the Supplier to see what the hold-up was.  Soon after that my order shipped. The order actually arrived on 08/24/2010, which was the original date.  So, it did work out.

My overall thoughts are:

  • This is great opportunity if you’re a US citizen.
  • Customer Service – Good – Got credit issue fixed.
  • Shipping – Good – Item was here by the date originally promised.

The waffle maker itself is just what I expected.  I’ve been using it all week!  🙂

I’m not trying to come off as ungrateful, after all I was given a $40 credit, which I appreciate. I just wanted to provide my honest experience.

The Proctor Silex Durable Belgian Waffle Maker

This easy to clean nonstick griddle makes 2 delicious waffles at once. Power and preheat lights let you know when pre heated and ready to go.

Yes, having a waffle marker is a lot of fun.  I’ve made them pretty much every day this week, I think hubby is almost sick of them already. 😉 

IMG_5428 IMG_5438

They’re just so easy and so delicious!  I’ve been using Roni’s Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancake/Waffle recipe with minor changes based on what’s in my cupboard.


The first time I used the waffle maker I wiped it down and then lightly oiled it as per the instructions.   But after making a few batches some of the waffles stuck.  They came off with a plastic spatula but didn’t look very nice.  I’ve been adding a little bit of butter to the grill before making them now and it seems to do the trick.    Other than that, no complaints, am happy with the product.


This morning’s batch:



Topped with lots of fresh (and local!) blueberries & light syrup. Sad that we don’t have any real maple syrup in the house.  Would’ve made them that much better.


Not that I’m complaining or anything. They were still pretty freaking amazing! 🙂 Oh, and based on my ingredients, these 3 waffles were 8 WWs points – not including syrup.


Complete with a lovely mug of Just Us.



A few tidbits before I get on with my day:

  • Weighed in and am down another pound this week! Whoohoo!  Glad I’ve re-established the routine and am in full losing mode once again. 🙂
  • Anyone else notice the little phone symbol in their Gmail?  That would be Google Call, so cool! I tested it out and everything.  Called my Mom from the lap top.
  • The Big C is an awesome show.  I high recommend you check it out ASAP.  Found out about it through another local blogger, Jill – check out her tv blog at

Alright, lots to do…later peeps!

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