Replacing your roof can become a tricky affair – know when you should do it

Your roof will have an important role to play in ensuring that your house is secure. You need to shield it from the elements. Did you build your home? If yes, then you must have had an excellent record of the roof installation and an overall idea about when to re-do the roof. But if you purchased the house, chances are you need a more detailed roof history and when it needs to be replaced. 

You will always have the scope to learn how insurance roof claim process works from Colony RoofersBut it is necessary to know when you must replace the roof. Some of the signs include the following:

  1. The age spots

The roofs show their age visibly. And even though the old roofs can withstand all the elements, chances are that they could be increasingly vulnerable to any damage because of wear and tear over the years. You can understand whether the roof is aging from the ground level. At times, the second-floor window provides a birds-eye view of the shingles. It would help if you allowed the roofers to carry out the roofing inspections. 

  1. The roof storm damage

Your roof acts as the initial shield from nature. A country’s specific sections are linked with particular weather events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. But several locales witness the occasional summer storms, which can generate damaging hail and wind gusts. The ample surface area and the exposed location make your roof vulnerable to storm damage. 

  1. Leaking water

The homeowners can place off the signs of an aging roof, and it is not aware of the storm damage. However, when you have water spots, it can lead to a fast reaction. When the roof has lost all its capacity to repel water owing to the storm aging and damage, the water can damage the roof deck, drywall, and insulation. There can also be mold growth. 

Roofs can become vulnerable to water during the winter months. As the snow refreezes and thaws atop the eaves, it can lead to ice dams. As the water develops on the roof’s surface, it can accumulate beneath the shingles, reaching out to the small holes and landing on your house. 

Detecting the water leak source can get challenging. Water can travel in the path where there is the least resistance. Hence, if there is a small hole that is close to the roof peak, it can act as the water spot close to the foyer ceiling. You need to 

  1. Contact a professional roofing contractor

Getting in touch with a roofing contractor is essential to fight all roof damage. It can also help to add more years to the roof. These professionals know where to look for signs of wear, such as beneath the shingles and close to the flashings, and can check the multiple slopes carefully. 

Once they find out the issue, they will provide you with the solution and help replace and repair the roof when required. 

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