Report Reaffirms Support for Home for Colored Children Restorative Inquiry

Premier Stephen McNeil tabled a report today, Oct. 20, in the House of Assembly outlining government’s work supporting the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children Restorative Inquiry.

The report, by the Reflection and Action Task Group, reaffirms the government’s support for, and engagement in, the inquiry. Government’s support is led by the task group, a joint body of deputy ministers and inquiry representatives. The primary role of the task group is to facilitate work across government in support of the inquiry’s work.

The task group is one partner in the work of the restorative inquiry, and is mandated to report to the legislature annually on government’s participation in advancing the goals, objectives and impact of the inquiry. Today’s report is the first update.

The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children Restorative Inquiry is in the learning and understanding phase which will lead into the planning and action phase.

The report looks specifically at government’s role and participation to date, not the full body of work that’s being carried out by the Council of Parties, which oversees and manages all aspects of the inquiry, including the timing of its work, using a restorative approach.

The government committed in 2015 to hold a public inquiry into the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children.

The report can be read here,

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