Request for Proposals, Consultant for Boat Harbour Remediation

The province is moving forward on its commitment to close the Boat Harbour effluent treatment facility in 2020, and return Boat Harbour to a tidal estuary.

A request for proposals for expertise in project management and technical services for the planning and design of a major Crown remediation project was issued Friday, Dec. 2.

The successful bidder will ensure that all remediation planning, early design and preparation activities are completed in a timely fashion and at the best value for the province.

A meeting with bidders, including a site visit, will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at the Pictou Landing Fire Hall on Pictou Landing Road. Anyone interested in bidding on this project must attend the meeting.

“We are seeking a well-qualified and experienced consulting engineering firm to work with the province over the next number of years to design a robust plan to return Boat Harbour to its natural state,” said Ken Swain, remediation project lead.

Deadline for submissions is Feb. 3, 2017. Details of the request for proposals are available at

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