Request for Qualifications- Public Art

Request for Qualifications- Public Art, Halifax Central Library
Halifax Regional Municipality
Request for Qualifications #10-344
Design and Consulting Services- Public Art, Halifax Central Library

The Halifax Regional Municipality is seeking qualified professional artists and artist-led collaborative groups to participate in a design process for the inclusion of public art in the construction of the new Halifax Central Library. This Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process is the first stage of a two-stage solicitation process. Interested parties are asked to refer to Request for Qualifications #10-344 as the document of record for this process.

Background: The Central Library is being designed by local architecture firm Fowler Bauld & Mitchell in partnership with the European firm schmidt hammer lassen.

Supporting material:

  • the current design stage of the Central Library
  • a selection of past public art projects that have been integrated into buildings designed by schmidt hammer lassen
  • summaries of themes and feedback emerging from each of the five public consultation meetings in the design phase of the Halifax Central Library.

Contact: Questions concerning the Request for Qualifications process should be directed to Stephen Terry, Senior Procurement Consultant, at (902) 490-2175 or via e-mail at

Questions of a technical nature should be addressed to Jamie MacLellan, Public Art Facilitator, at (902) 490-1039 or via e-mail at

Please visit the Halifax Library Website for more information.

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