Revenge – “This one time, at Revenge camp…”

Revenge – “This one time, at Revenge camp…” The most exciting thing to happen so far on Revenge this season, and with that and Emily’s plan to take down Grayson Global, this week’s episode was incredibly suspenseful.

Amanda has been a sympathetic character as of late, but she’s also still very impulsive and unpredictable. “Where’s your gun?” was Amanda’s reaction to a lunch invitation from Mason Treadwell. Amanda’s tall tale that Emily is a “sociopathic socialite” (Mason’s words) was kind of ludicrous, but she only fed him the story to get him alone to murder him.

When Emily barged in, I gasped. And then Emily gave him the final piece – that she‘s Amanda Clarke. Emily was managing the situation, framing Mason for both the murder of Gordon Murphy and for framing Conrad for his crime – so many layers! But before the arrest was made, Mason went rogue and told Kara the truth – that her first husband was innocent. That caused Kara to go completely off the rails and hold Victoria and Conrad at gunpoint – the pearl-handled (Chekhov’s) gun Victoria had received as a wedding gift.

It was a day of surprises for poor Kara, who was informed by Victoria that her second husband killed her first husband, and then she was knocked out with chloroform by Aiden (he just happened to have it on him) just as she was about to shoot them both – or scare them into telling her the truth, if you believe Kara.

Emily’s plan for Mason Treadwell is a little farfetched, but it’s juicy as hell and that’s exactly what I like to see from Revenge.

That scene between Nolan and Aiden was absolute gold. I love when Nolan gets all protective and loyal, and reminding the viewers of the promise Nolan made to Emily’s father was a smart move. Emily didn’t ask him to give up his company for her, but he did it anyway.

Nolan surrendering the proof that David Clarke invested in his company while working for Grayson Global tied everything together perfectly – Daniel rising to power and Ashley’s hand in that. She betrayed Conrad, but was it because she’s an ambitious climber who’ll follow whoever can get her to the top, because of loyalty to Daniel, or because of some yet-to-be-revealed connection with Aiden? I think Ashley is more interesting than ever before.

The bar storyline is finally going somewhere, but it’s still not going to a place I’m interested in. This guy and his brother bought the bar because…they have a vendetta against boats? Business owners? They have a grudge against Jack’s dad, that’s for sure. There’s more to be revealed here, but they’re doling it out too slowly.

Overall, it was a damn fine episode. Maybe one of the best of this season. Victoria and Conrad are in a terrible position, Daniel has drawn his line in the sand, Emily’s plan is much further along. I can’t wait to know what happens next.

Revenge – “This one time, at Revenge camp…”


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