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The Voice – Top Twelve Perform

The Voice is getting exciting! This week we saw the top twelve perform live, and I liked that there were some surprises. A few singers that I previously liked had off nights, and some others stepped up to the plate and delivered their best performances yet. Check out the review and tell me what you thought of the show!

Team Blake: Michaela Paige singing “Blow Me One Last Kiss”
I don’t think this was the best performance Michaela has done so far, but I’m still a fan of hers. She has a good voice, and a fun stage presence. I think she did well with the song, I just don’t think it was at the same level as her Pay Benatar cover from earlier in the season.

Team Christina: Dez Duron singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”
This was definitely Dez’s best performance, at least from what I can remember. The kid has always oozed charisma, but this week his voice was up to par as well. I don’t think his vocals measure up for this kind of singing show (he’s no Amanda Brown, I mean) but come on – this kid is a star. I’d take him over any Jonas-Bieber-Direction any day.

Team Christina: Adriana Louise singing “Good Girl”
I love this song, and it needs a powerful vocalist behind it, but I was surprised to see Adriana go country. This is a hard song to do, I think, because there are a lot of lyrics. Adriana was almost there – she’s no Carrie, but few are. I think she would have been better off with a less challenging song, but it wasn’t a disaster and kudos to Adriana for pushing herself.

Team Cee Lo: Cody Belew singing “The Best”
I like Cody a lot, but I was unsure about this song choice. And I’ve got to say, I really didn’t love it. It felt cheesy. He sang well, it just wasn’t for me – all song choice though, I still quite like him.

Team Adam: Amanda Brown singing “Spectrum”
I really like Amanda, and even though I didn’t immediately recognize song I knew Florence + The Machine would be a good fit for Amanda’s big voice and edgy style. I do know the song, and she freakin’ killed it. I think she has done better, but that’s such a hard song and I think she did really well. Furthermore, Amanda really knows what to do on stage. This woman is a star; she should have a record deal NOW.

Team Adam: Bryan Keith singing “Back to Black”
I haven’t been the biggest fan of Bryan, but I actually really liked this song for him. I think it was his best performance so far, but unfortunately for him Dez did a similar thing this week, but better. I also heartily disagreed with Blake and Christina – there was no comparison, Amanda was way better for Team Adam.

Team Blake: Cassadee Pope singing “Behind These Hazel Eyes”
Cassadee has a really likable quality to her, and I really wanted her to rock this difficult song. In the first verse, it seemed like she struggled to hit a few of the lowest notes, but she recovered and nailed the chorus. I think she really came into her own on this one and showed what she’s got. Tween girls will love this chick.

Team Cee Lo:Trevin Hunte singing “When a Man Loves a Woman”
I was disappointed in this song choice for Trevin. He’s amazing, but it’s a predictable choice – I feel like every male soul singer on every reality TV singing show has done this. Of course, he did a fantastic job. Amazing. He has so much soul, so much talent, and a fancy bowtie. He can’t lose. (But I would like a more interesting song choice next week.)

Team Adam: Melanie Martinez singing “Cough Syrup”
I stated last week that I was way over Melanie’s schtick, and I stand by that. I’m not a huge fan of Bryan, but I think he deserves to stay over Melanie. And yet, I think this might have been her best performance yet. I’m biased because I adore the song, but she showed more passion in this performance than all her others combined – and I’m not talking about the tears. It’s time for Melanie to leave the show and go put some videos on HelloGiggles.com or something and become an idol to young tween girls everywhere, as the Official Intern to Tavi Gevinson.

Team Cee Lo: Nicholas David singing “The Power of Love”
A horn section? Sign me up. I love Nicholas, he’s fun and wacky and he seems like he graduated from the small liberal arts college I went to. I liked this performance – it wasn’t outstanding, but I just enjoy watching Nicholas do his thing.

Team Christina: Sylvia Yacoub singing “My Heart Will Go On”
Sigh. This, Sylvia? This? Yes, it’s a big song and she’s a girl with a big voice. But, like, ugh. This song was everywhere, and now it’s kind of a joke. Even Kate Winslet hates it. Good job, Sylvia, you’ve pissed off Kate Winslet! OK, real review now. She looked beautiful and sang OK. The key change sounded a little sketchy, and there were parts that didn’t sound right. I liked what Sylvia did last week much better.

Team Blake: Terry McDermott singing “More Than A Feeling”
Terry is great, but I wish he’d break out of the classic rock and go a bit more modern for once. Yes, this was good. But what else can he do? He’s already excelled at some classic rock songs, and this wasn’t his best of the lot. The high notes felt reeeeally pushed. I want to see him do something else.


  1. Trevin Hunte
  2. Amanda Brown
  3. Dez Duron
  4. Cassadee Pope
  5. Sylvia Yacoub
  6. Terry McDermott
  7. Nicholas David
  8. Bryan Keith
  9. Cody Belew
  10. Michaela Paige
  11. Melanie Martinez
  12. Adriana Louise

These rankings are kind of arbitrary, because it’s hard to compare many of the performances. I think Sylvia is a better singer than Dez, but I ranked Dez higher this week because I thought he had his best performance, and Sylvia bit off more than she could chew. Cassadee Pope is not the best in the competition, but she did great this week while Terry and Cody disappointed me. So, who should be eliminated from each team?

Team Christina: This is an easy one – Adriana should be sent home.
Team Cee Lo: I ranked Cody Belew lower this week because I hated the song choice, but I think he should stay and Nicholas David should be sent home. I like the guy, but he’s the weakest of Cee Lo’s three.
Team Blake: This is a hard one – Michaela, Cassadee or Terry? Because Terry has previously been great, and because Cassadee was strong this week, I’m going to say Michaela should be eliminated.
Team Adam: Amanda didn’t have her best week, but I still think she’s by far the best of Adam’s team. I don’t really care whether Melanie or Bryan goes, but I think Melanie’s reached her potential and should go over Bryan.

The Voice – Top Twelve Perform

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