Review of IWK, Capital Health Policies Expected in October

The independent review of the IWK Health Centre and Capital Health mental health and addictions programs, services and policies is expected to be finished in late October.

Dr. Jana Davidson, the independent and nationally recognized expert from British Columbia hired to conduct the review, said more time was needed to ensure a quality report.

“This is an important review for Nova Scotians, and we need to ensure that we take the time to do it right, and have the most thorough review possible,” said Dr. Davidson.

The review will evaluate mental health and addictions services for youth having difficulties with sexual assault, sexuality, addictions, peer relationships, bullying and cyber-bullying.

Dr. Davidson will:
— determine if treatment and counselling services for victims of sexual assault and bullying meet the needs of youth
— examine IWK policies, procedures and guidelines for patient assessment, triage, referral, treatment and follow-up care
— examine IWK policies, procedures and guidelines for follow-up where youth are assessed to be at risk of self-harm or suicide, where this risk is not at a level that requires hospitalization
— look at policies, procedures and guidelines in place to educate and support families
— determine if IWK and Capital Health policies promote effective collaboration between the IWK, Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team and youth health centres serving young people

The report will make specific recommendations on potential improvements to current programs, services, policies, procedures and guidelines within the IWK and Capital Health and give recommendations on changes needed to more effectively help youth living with mental health and addictions issues.

Source: Release

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