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L-A: So, I’m an election/hockey widow tonight. The husband loves watching polls come in and he kind of likes to watch hockey play-offs. While we were buying our veggies for dinner, it occured to me that both of these live events meant I’d be missing Canada’s Next Top Model.  BOO. Although, I have one question for CTV: why is it on at 8pm?? It’s not like there is anything else on for the rest of the night! I’m busy at 8pm and keep missing CNTM. And why can’t I watch episodes online? (scratch that! ASN had it on at 9pm and the husband watched the first period online: Best Tuesday Ever!)

Anyway, I decided that these three events (NS Election, Stanley Cup, CNTM) deciding the fates of various people, I’d take a look at the fashion involved with all three.  Let’s start with politics and Halifax MP, Megan Leslie:


Even if you don’t like the NDP, you have to give the girl props for being one of the best dressed on the Hill (okay, not everyone agrees). Not that that’s a hard feat, but she wears colour and is often dressed in stylish, well fitting clothing that is often Canadian made. Check out that jacket. I know it’s cute because I bought the same one from Love, Me Boutique. It’s by super talented designer Tomoko Kitai’s line MOMO.   I like to wear it with a black tee, my dressier jeans, and a pair of heels. And just so you don’t accuse me of being partisan, I will admit that some NDP MPs/MLAs have not been known for being so stylish (*cough*Alexa*cough*) and I will offer up former Conservative Minister/MLA, Judy Streatch:


Now that is how a female politician should wear a suit. Are you listening Hilary? That is a great pantsuit. And check out those shoes!

Let’s move on to Hockey and let’s keep it local. A little Sidney Crosby for you:


I like Sidney. I like him in a “I don’t watch hockey, but that kid is adorable and from Cole Harbour” sort of way. And because I like him, I’m going to be nice(ish). The kid is a millionaire sports celebrity, so could someone please take him shopping for a well tailored suit? Seriously. Give us a call Sid, Ally and I will take you down to Dugger’s and hook you up (using your visa of course) with a good looking, well fitted suit. And because I like all of you, I won’t actually post a picture of his playoff beard. (Oh man. Can we get some laws to control playoff beards?). And because I really like you, I won’t burn your retinas with any images of Don Cherry’s jackets.

My final item is the vote that really counts tonight (I kid. sort of): who will get another chance to be Canada’s Next Top Model and who will have to go back to the house and pack her bags? Last week, Jill got cut. Probably for the best, seeing as she didn’t seem to have her heart in it. But I like her a bit more now that I’ve read she’s studying Women’s Studies. Feminist models! Yes!  You can read the hilarious TWoP-worthy recap on the Fashion Mag CNTM blog.  And here’s the girl who killed last week, despite the fact that she bitched and moaned about her Betty Page-esque bangs:


Congrats Nikita. You rocked that D&G, but if I hear you whine about those damn bangs again, I’ll be having words with Mr.J. [update: no worries. She founds something new to bitch about. Jay called it a negative aura, I call it whingeing and whining with a helping of bitching on the side. And I’m pleased as punch that Ebonie got the boot.]

So there you have it Ally. I’ve written way too much about three things that only have Tuesday in common. Your thoughts on any or all of these?

AllyG: First off, how awesome would it be if we had a What Not to Wear Halifax? Sid could totally be our first victim winner! You know who could also use our help? Federal Minister of Natural Resources, Lisa Raitt. Yes, I know, I know she has more problems these days than her clothes, but with such a foundation, she’s picking all the wrong outfits.

I don’t even know where to begin…this is Minister Raitt with her good looking but forgetful former communications aide, Jasmine MacDonnell. They’re enjoying some martinis. I can get on board with that, but I cannot, absolutely cannot condone the “hoodie” Minister Raitt appears to be wearing. And the ponytail? Sigh. [L-a: where did you even find this picture?!? I don’t want to kick Jasmine MacDonnell while she’s down, but as communications aide, this is one photo that should never have seen the light of day! Sure, we’ve all had a few drinks in our lulus/workout gear, but I don’t let anyone outside that room see!]

May I recommend the silk mosaic print dress from Miu Miu?


Maybe Megan Leslie will take Minister Raitt shopping to cheer her up. Although I doubt that is likely. On an aside, how adorable is Megan’s hair?

And not entirely off-topic, did you see what Michelle Obama wore on her big date night with The Prez (aka her husband)? Stunning.


Although I’m not so sure how wise it was to jet off to NYC for a date night when some families in America can’t afford cereal. Just sayin’.

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