Safety Tips for During, After a Flood

The Emergency Management Office is advising Nova Scotians in areas affected by flooding to review safety tips on using well water and cleaning up a home after a flood.

After a flood, well water may be contaminated. Residents should not use well water for:
— drinking
— brushing teeth
— cooking
— washing

Residents should also stay clear of well pumps to avoid the risk of an electric shock. A professional should be contacted to ensure the well is in proper working condition.

Other safety tips include:
— Electrical and fuel sources may still be live and pose life threatening hazards if not turned off
— Flood waters containing sewage pose serious threats to health if personal protective equipment is not worn, particularly for those with open cuts or wounds
— Once flood waters have subsided, wet materials such as upholstered furniture, carpets, drywall and insulation should be discarded as they cannot be cleaned thoroughly
— Cleaning with unscented detergents is recommended, there is no need to use bleach
— Once the area has been cleaned, further drying using proper machines is recommended to ensure rapid drying. Ensuring rapid drying helps prevent mold growth

For more information on using well water and cleaning up a home after a flood, visit .

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