Sale alert

I was in Shoppers today checking out the Sun & Mon deals that I blogged about in the weekly flyer deals. Revlon Illuminance cream shadows were on for CAD5.99, best price I have seen for these palettes. But I have seen this price before, so I wasn’t in a hurry to get them.

For Rimmel, the Eyeful Eye Glisteners were also on for CAD5.99. There were only 3 colours on the shelf though (no orange or purple), so I did a quick swatch on my hand. The colours were creamy and showed up well on the skin, especially the Standout shade (green). It was like lime green with gold undertone, which is pretty much my favorite colour on my eyelids. What made the deal even sweeter was the little display with 2-for-1 bonus packages, so I could get 2 pencils for CAD5.99 which are normally between CAD7-10 a piece. Not bad. The Cadbury chocolate was just to a sweet addition to the purchase: 4 for CAD5 instead of about CAD2 each regularly.

I personally have had pretty good luck with Rimmel. The first product I bought from this brand was the Eye Twists. Rimmel’s website no longer features them, I guess they discontinued them already. I got all 6 shades that they came with. They basically are cream shadow in one end and eyeliner in the other end with complimentary shades of colours. When I’m short in time, I just swipe the cream shadow all over lid, as a wash colour, and use the liner on the lower lash line. Very convenient for travelling. Just 1 issue: the cream shadows do crease – just like the NYX pencils, so I have to make sure I prime the lids well before putting them on.

Other Rimmel products that I like include Glam Eyes mascara, Extreme Definition Two-Tone Eye Definers and Colour Rush Mono Special Effects shadows.

Note: I saw the “Now or Never” shelf again at Shoppers, full of Gosh products this time, but they were only 30% off. I don’t know what’s going on with the brand at Shoppers, as lots of products are still on the shelf with regular price, but some are shoved over to this discount shelf with red tags on. The ones I snagged last time were probably the last of the batch and therefore were 75% off. So keep an eye out for them at your Shoppers, if you are a fan of Gosh products. I saw cream foundation compacts, loose powder jars, glittery eyeliners, eye pencils, single and trio shadows, blushes, etc.


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