Salmon Cake Sammie & POM Salad

It rocked and I had to show you.

I picked up a couple of salmon cakes at Planet Organic yesterday and since I was home late, it made a perfect quick supper along side my beloved Pom seed & goat cheese salad!


The sammie was on the higher calorie side, but also in the high Omega 3 side too!  With the salmon, avocado and EVOO mayo, it was super Omega rich.  Although I probably should have laid off the mayo to keep the calories lower since I didn’t exercise.  Regardless, I think the pics speak for themselves!

 IMG_6584IMG_6583  IMG_6586

I just LOOOOOVE Pom seeds with goat cheese!  I also threw in some red onion and Fig Balsamic dressing a top a bed of organic salad greens.  Heaven I tell you, HEAVEN!!!


Pomegranates are my close second favourite thing about the Fall (along side the Honeycrisp of course!)

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