Sambro church produces lobster dinner theatre and original musical based on the Rankins

OH NOOOO! I’m so sorry everyone – I had this post all cued up and ready to go, but I forgot to hit the “GO” button, so it was never posted in time, and the event is over. But I wanted to share it with you to retroactively congratulate everyone involved.

Oh, to eat lobster dinners in a church hall! If I don’t get to go to this, for the love of Jimmy Rankin, somebody else please GO, GO, GO, and enjoy it for me.

St. James United Church in Sambro is holding its annual Lobster Dinner Theatre from May 6-14th. Every year they do an original musical, written by local people.  This year the play is based on music made popular by the Rankins.

“We’re pretty excited about it, as it’s our most ambitious production yet,” says Reverend Keltie Van Binsbergen. “Luckily we have an amazing team of musicians.”

According to the pamphlet Keltie sent me, the St. James Dinner Theatre began 12 year ago as a way of bringing the community together. Over 60 volunteers from the church and community are involved in the cast, crew, kitchen, serving and organizing.

Music this year is being provided by members of the group From the Heart, known for their CD “Sambro Beside the Sea.”

The original musical is called “You Feel the Same Way Too,” as mentioned, based on music made popular by the Rankins.

Here is the performance schedule. Please arrive between 6pm and 6:20pm (4pm and 4:20pm for Sunday performance):

Friday, May 6th at

Saturday, May 7th at

Matinee – Sunday,
May 8th at 4:30pm

Friday, May 13th at

Saturday, May 14th at

Tickets cost $30 and can be purchased from St. James United. Contact the “box office” at or by phone at 868-2791


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