Sambro fog horn may be discontinued

A member of the Sambro Sou’wester Days Facebook group posted a section from the Coast Guards notice to mariners:

“The Canadian Coast Guard proposes to permanently discontinue the Sambro Island Fog Signal.

Comments on this action are solicited from mariners and other interested parties within three months.

Superintendent, Aids to Navigation,
Canadian Coast Guard,
27 Parker Street,
Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 3Z8
Telephone (902) 426-3151

Any objections must state the facts on which they are based and should include supporting information on safety, commerce and public benefit.”

I spoke with the superintendent of aids to navigation a while back. She said harbour systems are reviewed every five years, and this year it’s Sambro’s turn. She said the Coast Guard is putting in new buoys in the approaches, and the fog horn will no longer be necessary.


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