SANS needs your advice!

Map of Nova ScotiaThe following letter is from Amy Schwartz, Vice President of the Surfing Association of Nova Scotia (SANS)

The Surfing Association of Nova Scotia (SANS) is a provincial organization – established to represent the interests of surfers from across the province.

SANS is working on an strategic operational plan at the moment and one of our key goals is to ensure that SANS represents interests and issues related to surfing from across our province.

At our next Board Meeting on December 10, I plan to make some recommendations on how SANS can do this better.

If you have any ideas or thoughts on the following, please send a message to

  1. How can SANS represent the interests of surfers/surfing areas in all parts of Nova Scotia (not just HRM!)?
  2. What are the issues/needs/highlights/challenges about surfing or the surfing community in your region?
  3. How can SANS get more input from people from various regions of Nova Scotia?
  4. Other thoughts?

We would appreciate any feedback you can give us!

Amy Schwartz – VP SANS

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