Santa Shuffle 5k Fun Run Time!

Video time!

[You can click here if the video isn’t viewable in your feed]

The Halibloggers had a successful run and I completely forgot to try to get us all in a video at the end.  Sorry! :-(  But I do have lots of pics to share with you to make up for it 😉

Pre-game in our “traditional pose” (see here and you’ll know what I mean!)


Tasha and Lynn getting excited and lacing up:


Jaime’s festive socks!




There was a Gingerbread Man! (We could not figure out how that girl got her hair to go like that and STAY that way while she ran! lol


And cutie dogs with jingle collars too 🙂


And I LOVED seeing this:


A young family with a young one running together!

Some beautiful scapes of Halifax


…and some “not so beautiful” being a harbour city!



  Little J’s first race 🙂


IMG_7377 IMG_7376 IMG_7387IMG_7383IMG_7389


Lesley and Lex with little J finishing strong!

IMG_7399      IMG_7397IMG_7400

How appropriate was my hat?! 😀


Thanks again Laura!  That hat kept me WARM before and after the run!

What a great day ladies!  It was fun doing something so positive and motivational with all of you beautiful people!

Oh yeah and it was a great way to get my feet wet for a big running season ahead!  In case you haven’t heard us gush and squeel about this on Twitter, I might as well tell yas that I have decided to REALLY step out of my comfort zone and run the Half Marathon in the Bluenose this coming May!!!  AHHHHHH!!!!!  I am freaking the HELL OUT!  Not only am I running it, but so is Lynn and get ready for this, it looks like Amy is flying out to do it with us for a very special run 😉

Did I say I’m freaking out?!?!?!

How wonderfully poetic is it for the three of us to run a half marathon together, each of us having lost at least a 100 lbs, supporting each other every step on the way right here in the blogosphere for nearly THREE years! 

Details to come, but I can tell ya that I signed up for the Running Room Half Marathon Clinic starting up in January:

Screen shot 2009-12-05 at 10.23.16 PM_thumb

I’m serious you guys, freaking the hell out!

Snowfall warning in effect

Historical Fiction of the Halifax Explosion