Saturday Market

Every Saturday we have a marvelous Farmer’s Market here in Halifax. It starts early in the morning and continues until just after lunch. I visited with my daughter and some of her friends.

It is held in the old Keith’s Brewery, a bright and airy space with warrens of rooms and corridors underneath, stuffed with vendors selling everything imaginable.

The Halifax Farmers Market is slated to move next fall. The are relocating to a new venue on the waterfront next to Pier 21. I think the new name will be Halifax Seaport Farmers Market. Using wind turbines and solar panels to generate power. Here is a video with a bit of info, impressive. They start building it this month.

I sat in a chair in this hallway, eating my warm, fresh from the oven, cinnamon bun and sipping an Americano coffee. I was serenaded by this young local Busker and had fun watching all the people coming and going. Actually I took this picture from my comfy perch, sitting a few stairs up from him. I did tip him as I left.:)

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