Saturday musing

Isn’t this a cool photograph? I took it one afternoon in my kitchen because the light was so compelling. It kind of looks like an old masters painting except that it’s a random photo of what happened to be on my counter that day:) Light can make everything beautiful. 
I’m typing this on my phone at the Seaport Market so the formatting might be off. I think the type is centred but I can’t change it. Oh well.  
So how are you today? I  used to write all the time and felt grounded in this blog. I took a break for a couple of years. (Did you miss me? Did you know I was gone?)  So here I am, back again! The place is a bit dusty, needs a bit of spring cleaning. I’m posting frequently to push out the cobwebs and fill the place with life once more! It takes time out of my day but it is great creative and mental exercise! I hope you enjoy it too. 
Are any of you reading this now original readers of this blog? Just curious. The blogging world has changed so much.

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