Scenes from a Tall Ship

L-A: Actually, for all of our talk of being on a tall ship and what to wear on said ship, I don’t think either one of us made it onto an actual ship. But that wasn’t the point. We were there to entertain and to give others ideas as to what they could wear on a tall ship.  We’ll be posting the video from our adventure as soon as has a copy ready for public consumption. Ally and I have seen a rough cut and it enduced only mild embarassment cringes for myself. Until then, we do have some pictures taken for you by two of our favourite readers, Martin and El Jeffe (aka. Mr. AllyG).  And to talk about these photos, we decided to try something different: blogging via messenger!

AllyG:  Ok, first off. This is fun. I feel 22 again. Remember when messenger was all the rage in our early twenties?

 L-A:  I know! I still remember the days of ICQ! Like when it would say “uh-oh” everytime you got a new message. Not annoying at all.

 AllyG:  I never had ICQ…did I miss out on precious drama?

L-A:  Nope. Just pre-messenger rage. At least it was for the Acadia Advantage set.We’d all be typing ICQ messages in class (except me.. I totally did not do that. ever).

 AllyG:  I must have been busy enjoying some refreshments at JJ Rossy’s

 AllyG:  OK. so, I was cringing the entire time while watching our first fashion show. I can’t wait to show readers the link! Our models were FANTASTIC!

Update!!! The video is now ready for public consumption! Small glitch in the beginning, but ignore that and focus on our beauty instead.

 You can find video here!

L-A:  I was totally cringing as well. Like, watching through my hands as though it was a horror movie. The models were AWESOME. Totally upstaged us.And I am okay with that.

  AllyG:  I hear you. I immediately put down my cookie after watching the clip. SUPER fun.

 L-A:  Yep. Made a resolution to take up running or something, and wondered how it is that my schnozz looks so big on camera!

 AllyG:  I thought your nose looked great! And may I add that your hair is totally le sexy?

 AllyG:  Ok – what was your favourite photo?

L-A:  Mayercraft



  L-A:  Best. Photo. Ever

 AllyG:  Um, do you think Mel was offended when I said, “Hey, Mel, I think John’s happy to see you?”

 L-A:  okay, I just snorted.No, I don’t think she was.Tara looks hot, but she has no idea that behind her is The Mayercraft

 L-A:  From now on, I think I will only refer to John Mayer as The Mayercraft

 AllyG:  It’s like, his porn name. He probably asked Jennifer Aniston to “come sail on his Mayercraft” which is why she left him.

AllyG: And Tara and the bathing cap purse from Lady Luck!


 AllyG:  I like the photo of my swollen ankles.

 Swollen ankles

AllyG: I also like how you look like you’re all Sarah Palin preaching about safe sex while holding up a brochure.  I’m all like, whaaaaa?

L-A:  I did not see any swollen ankles. Although, with that humidity that we had, I think everyone was getting swollen appendages. We sound like we’re writing a bad romance novel.

 AllyG:  Also, I want Cadence’s dress. And Cadence’s lipstick. I want to be Cadence.


 L-A:  She was beaucoup de adorable. Love that dress. I have a gift certificate to Pretty Things and I haven’t been able to decide what to spend it on. Might be that dress. Or another of her adorable sailor themed dresses

 AllyG:  Oh you need that dress! I wonder if they have it in red?

 L-A:  Hold on. We can check online. (Dear non-Haligonians: you can totally shop Pretty Things online!)

  AllyG:  And sweet Jo! Our guest blogger. She is the epitome of cute. Did I spell epitome right?

L-A:  I think so, because I always read that word wrong. In my head it spells Epi-Tome. Which I know is wrong. But back to Jo: loved that outfit! And we forgot to mention that although her watch was her own, she bought it at Love, Me


AllyG:  Yes – we will have to show a picture of that. What was her line when she was asked the time? “It’s a quarter past awesome?”

 L-A:  Yes! best line ever. The watch is made from a men’s necktie. Which would be a nice addition when doing a menswear-inspired look.

 lesleyhyphenanne:  I’m told the show went well. It’s hard to tell when you’re on stage

 AllyG:  People thought we were funny. I hope they weren’t talking about my swollen ankles.

L-A:   apparently we had an audience at one point (other than our personal entourage) and I didn’t even notice. No, you were totally hilarious and not because of your ankles.Also, I think we should post that pic of all three models looking awesome.


AllyG:  I’m surprised you didn’t shove me off the stage for talking the ENTIRE TIME. You’d start to speak and I’d be all, “that’s great L-A, back to me!”

 L-A:  I didn’t even notice! It was the Sudafed. I blame the Sudafed.  

AllyG:  I took advantage of your drugged state. You can drop some gravol into my wine for our next show. We’re TOTALLY having wine for our next show when I have Baby G.

L-A: Yesss! The Aftershow has pretty coloured drinks in martini glasses, so we need giant glasses of red wine

 L-A: And now is a good time to say how much we love the stores who were involved. So much local awesomeness.

AllyG: Right – about the stores. The fact that they totally trusted us with their fine wares is incredible, particularly as they did not know us at all. Says a lot about Hali’

 L-A:  It’s true. And Cadence! Owns a store AND modeled for us. Which was above and beyond the call of duty. The Husband may frown upon this, but the fashion show made me want to go shopping at all of the stores. I’m going to be leaving my visa at home for the next few days, just to be on the safe side.

 AllyG: I hear you sister. Sadly,all I can wear these days is Kirstie Alley dresses. Can’t wait till the next show! I’m off to get some chocolate ice cream. I haven’t had any for 20 minutes. I’m 10 minutes overdue.

 AllyG: Also, you’re the hottest co-host ever. I wouldn’t even trade you for Sienna.

L-A: Aw thanks. You’re the hottest!I wouldn’t trade you for Bar R. on a yacht.

Slide Ten - Bar R. on a Yacht

AllyG: THAT is love!  I might trade you for Leo, but you would totally toss me off a boat for Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass.

L-A: It’s true. I would. I love you, but do not stand in the way of Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass and I.

AllyG: Fine. But you need to promise to send me postcards from the GG set.

L-A: Consider it done. Only if I can hug Leo from time to time.


Thanks to for being so kind to us first-timers! This was my favourite staffer!


Thank you to the following retailers for allowing us to showcase their fantastic clothes and accessories!

Sweet Pea Boutique

Lady Luck Boutique

Pretty Things Boutique

Love, Me Boutique






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