Scents Of Spring + re-useable Diy with Foxhound Collection Candles

Picture Ever feel badly throwing out those beautiful glass jars once your candles are all burned up? I get you, and I especially didn’t want to throw away my Foxhound Collection jars because I love the simplicity of the labels so much! If you’ve not yet checked out Foxhound Collection candles, you should! They are hand poured in Truro, NS, by the super-sweet Kelsey Wier (the beauty, brains, and muscle behind Foxhound Collection). I met Kelsey through the infamous local Instagram community, and am completely inspired by her drive to pursue her creative personal business venture (she is expanding every day- her products are now sold in shops all across the country!)

Of course, as a city planner, my heart is always with supporting local business and growth in our communities, however that is not the only reason I’m all for Foxhound Collection. The scents of these candles are fantastic. They are like little sensory adventures- bursting with beautiful natural scents in the most gorgeous combinations. I am a huge candle fanatic (I definitely got that from my Mom!), and to me it is a shame when you purchase a candle that smells great in store, but fails to perform when lit at home. Foxhound Collection’s candles scent my entire apartment! Even when they are not lit I get whiffs of the scent across the room in the breeze. You can purchase her candles online HERE, or in a few shops around town- see the shop list HERE.   

Below, I’ve put together a little do-it-yourself tutorial to re-use those used-up jars as planters for your beautiful plants. I always love adding to my plant collection in the spring to wash away those winter blues! Also, keep scrolling for a sneak peek at one of Foxhound Collection’s newest Spring 2016 scents!

What You’ll Need:
1. Candle Jar
2. A small handful of stones/rocks for drainage
3. Soil (I used a cactci blend soil)
4. A Plant (Now, for those of you who are not blessed with the green thumb (ahem, like myself!), I suggest sticking to cacti and succulents- those little guys are relentless! My succulents from last spring actually sprouted additional succulents from them, so I propagated a few (chopped them off at the stem and re-planted). If you are propagating, make sure you let the piece you are replanting sit for 24-48 hours on a piece of paper towel after chopping, until the stem has developed a scab, before re-planting.
Picture Picture Step 1
Remove the old wax! My husband actually filled me in on a HUGE tip: put the candle in the freezer for a few hours until the wax freezes. It will completely detach from the glass with a quick scraping off the sides with a butter knife! He’s done it many times to remove the wax from his camping lights- and, he was right! To get the remaining bit of film off the glass, a few drops of Goo-Gone onto a piece of paper towel will completely clean it. Wax-no-more!
Picture Picture Step 2
Place a hand-full of stones into the bottom of the jar. As the glass jar does not have drainage holes in the bottom, this step is essential for proper drainage! Without them, your stem will rot. I filled my jar about 1/3 with stones.
Picture Step 3
Place soil on top of stones. Poke a little hole in the soil to fit the root(s) into. Once you’ve planted the plant, make sure you cover the roots with soil. If you soil is dry, give it a sprinkle of water and…admire!
Picture Picture Picture & A Sneak Peek!
Foxhound Collection’s newest scent for this spring?! Wild Honey and Rose, and it is spectacular! I mean, just read the description:

“Created with the idea of honey bees collecting their nectar from roses alone. Inspired by the complexities of pure, raw honey. Warm and sweet but a little tart, smokey and infused with fresh rose petals.”

I’m burning this one as I write this post. It brings back memories of spring and summer days!
Picture Picture Picture I hope this post inspired you to get to re-using and re-cycling this spring. There are so many other things you can do with empty candle jars: use them to hold pens and stationary items, as a vase for little flowers, to store odds and ends, I could go on and on!

Happy Spring!

– Brit

Check out Foxhound Collection on their WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM, & FACEBOOK

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