Search term of the day: Toast Socks

L-A: WordPress gives us a list of popular search terms used to find FPQT.  These search terms often include “lederhosen”, “The Fonz,” “Reese Witherspoon hair” and “leggings ass” (for the latter, I suggest going to American Apparel’s Not Exactly Safe For Work site. Just google “leggings ass” and I’m sure it will turn up).  Other times, we get questions like, “what do French people wear?” Answer: striped shirts, berets and jauntily tied scarves. Always.  (disclaimer: I have never been to France).

This list of search terms is pretty much a never ending source of amusement for us (we’re easily amused).  It’s also a source of bafflement.  There are times when we can’t figure out how or why a search term helped someone find us.  We get “lederhosen” and we can figure out “leggings ass”, but then something like “toast socks” shows up and we’re left wondering if we’ve ever written about toast and socks in the same post. Or if there is such a thing as a “toast sock” and we don’t know about it. I can only imagine that if you were searching for “toast socks” and found a fashion blog that never mentions toast socks, you’d be pretty disappointed in the interwebs.  Since we hate to disappoint anyone, we’ve found toast socks for you (thanks, google!):

You can buy them online (of course you can. You can buy everything online). They’re actually kind of cute. However, they are not recommended for those of us with fat calves.  And in case you were wondering, they also sell breakfast socks and taco socks.  Because if you were searching for toast socks, you’re probably thinking about taco socks as well. At least I would be.

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