Search Terms of the Year: Top Ten

L-A: When we said sporadic over the holidays, it turned out we meant radio silent. Ally has been busy with Hugh’s second Christmas and the munchkin has started walking, so fair enough. As for me, my four hour time difference from Halifax and my commitment to doing as little as possible has gotten in the way of blogging. Anyway, with 2010 ending about 12 or so hours, I thought I should take a look back at the year and what was what.

If you follow us on the twitter, you’ll know that we occasionally share with you the “Search Term of the Day”. Sometimes we like those search terms so much, they actually inspire a blog post.  So, taking Jill’s idea, I present you with the Search Terms of the Year.

Top Ten Searches:

1. lady gaga

Everyone loves her. She was kind of our bread and butter when we first got started. The day we got our most hits? It was all Lady Gaga. Which is why we created our list of 8 Things We Sort of Know About Gaga.

2. prince harry

Kind of baffling. I don’t recall him being in the news that much, but seriously? We get a lot of searches for this kid. We also get, “prince harry sexy”. Maybe all the royal gold diggers have given up on Wills and are focusing their attentions on Harry.

3. miley cyrus

I think I’m just too old to understand the appeal of Hannah Montana. No, that can’t be it. I just don’t get her popularity. I don’t enjoy the bulk of her music and I find her to be a bit marble mouth, so I’ll never to pay to see her act. But I will admit that Party in the USA is kind of catchy and it is the reason this video exists, so good work on that one Miley.

4. reese witherspoon hair

I can dig this one. She is cute as a button.

5.  daisy lowe

Model and daughter of Gavin Rossdale, I am baffled that she is a popular search term. I’m not sure that we’ve really talked about her before. I guess we must have.

She did date Mark Ronson, so that makes me hate her a little bit.


6. lindsay lohan marilyn monroe

and this is why:

Poor kid. She cleans up so well. If only she could actually clean up. (Did I tell you? She is in Palm Springs right now. As I type. Completing her court ordered rehab).

7. marilyn monroe

No idea why. But on the subject, I did see two absolutely heartbreaking photos of her at a Richard Avedon exhibit last night.  Taken two days apart, one is her looking super happy and smitten with Arthur Miller and the other, is, I don’t know. Just amazing.

She looks lost and sad and I can’t tell if she is doing it on purpose or if Avedon caught a moment.
8. fame

From all accounts, the remake was hideous. So why are you searching for it so much? Please explain. (No really, explain). (and oh dammit. The theme from Fame is stuck in my head. I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY FAME SEARCHERS!) (oh, unless you are searching google on how to get fame and be famous. Futile, but makes some sense).
9. helen mirren

We love her too. I’ll be happy if I can look a quarter as good as she does when I hit her age.

no one wields pearls and a machine gun like this dame can.

10. blake lively

Another mumble mouth actress. Have you heard her try to speak French on Gossip Girl? Painful and it sounds like she was totally phoning it in.  How was she in the The Town? I need to watch that to see if she can actually act.  Then again, with legs like hers, does it matter if she can act?
Okay…I’ll be back with my favourite search terms of the year later. And maybe some other retrospections…but first, I need to go shopping and get some sun. My vacation is almost over, so I need to prioritize!

Faves of Oh-Ten: Music

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