Security Upgraded at Sydney Justice Centre

The province has improved the safety and security of the Sydney courthouse with new security screening technology and access-control measures effective today, June 5.

Several new security screening procedures at Cape Breton’s busiest courthouse, including the use of an X-ray scanning device and a walk-through metal detector, will improve safety for the public, court employees, judges and lawyers.

The upgrades, which have been tested during the past year in Sydney, are already in use in courthouses in Dartmouth and Halifax.

“People using the Sydney Justice Centre will see some changes, as these screening measures improve the overall security of the building and keep everyone safe,” said Fred Hildebrand, director of Sheriff Services.

Public access to the Sydney Justice Centre will be through the front door only. Court administration, judges and lawyers will continue to enter through the bypass doors. Rear and side door access will be limited and monitored by Sheriff Services.

Source: Release

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