Sephora Craig & Karl Color Lip Last

Happy long weekend! I have a few Sephora Collection items for you this week, courtesy of my own wallet lol. Blame the VIB sale!

I have heard of Sephora Color Lip Lasts being matte lipsticks with great colours and strong pigmentation.

In Sephora’s words, they have high-coverage pigments, combined with a “fixative agent” that acts as a lip primer, definitely something I want to try.

Then the Craig & Karl collection came out with 3 (LE) Lip Lasts with cute decorative packaging instead of just black, I gotta have ’em! Not that the colours inside are boring, as you will see below.

The 2 shades I got are L Train Jain and West End Swirl, the bold ones to prep myself for summer 🙂

I am glad the claims of up to 10 hour lasting power with waterproof texture and comfortable feel hold quite true.

On my lips, they need a second layer for coverage, stay on comfortable and don’t dry my lips out. The finish looks more like a liquid lipstick without being messy, I am impressed.

They do transfer to my mug/ chopsticks when I drink or eat but there is still lots staying on the lips as the day goes by. The swatches on my hand only come off with lots of rubbing if I use a wipe but remove fine with micellar water, so removal is not an issue.

Here are L Train Jain (left) and West End Swirl (right), can’t say I can pick a favorite. The flash does make them look more glossy but they are truly matte. Stay tuned for my FOTD to see them in action.

If you can’t tell already, I am a fan of these Color Lip Lasts, except the price. They only have 0.06oz in the tube – half the size of regular Sephora Collection lipsticks, for about the same price ($16 each).

The Craig & Karl collection is LE, available online only but the core Color Lip Last line has more than 25 shades, if you feel like exploring 🙂

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